When You Get Smart With Customers, You Succeed

No comments April 1st, 2015

wygswImagine this weekly grocery-shopping scenario: Log on to Cyber-Foods, key in a few needed items, and you’re reminded to include Braun coffee filters, Green Giant corn, and Plax mouthwash. Place the order, pay via credit card or direct debit, and …

Going Remote Is So Much More Than Networking

No comments March 26th, 2015

grismNetworking is the small-business tool of the ’90s. You already network all the time–with colleagues at professional gatherings and cocktail parties, and with clients at meetings and lunches. Now, all the reasons that drive you to connect with other people …

Is Environmentalism Really Dead, Or Just Getting Stronger?

No comments March 18th, 2015

ierd“Environmental Groups Are Drying Up in the `10s.” “Green Magazines in the Red. “Environmental Movement Struggling as Clout Fades.” The headlines in the nation’s press read like epitaphs.

A Wall Street Journal article observed that, “After years of fighting to …

Strategy, Marketing And Cans!

No comments March 17th, 2015

imscWhile others are clamoring for integrated marketing campaigns, U.S. Can Corp., a leading manufacturer of metal containers, is moving in the opposite direction.

The company in July unveiled a corporate restructuring plan that focuses on segmentation of marketing, marketing strategy …

Using Tech To Work And Gain Efficiency

No comments March 13th, 2015

uttwJust before Christmas in 1985 Matt and Gail Taylor called a staff meeting at their Washington, D.C., office and gave each of 20 staffers a modem and a book on running their own businesses. They announced that, henceforth, they would …

Talking About “A Moment On Earth”

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amoeIt’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that some ideas are easier to get published than others. As an environmentalist, you may have at least heard of Losing Ground, a tough critique of the big U.S. environmental groups. But the average

Your Ethernet: The Best Backbone For You

No comments February 27th, 2015

You want to build an Ethernet peer network but the wiring scheme seems too messy and complicated.

yetbbYou’re in luck: This summer Cisco, Farallon, SMC, ACC, and other Ethernet peer networking companies plan to launch completely ready-to-go networking kits for …

The Tech Industry Isn’t Just Good, Clean Fun

No comments February 24th, 2015

svtcThe speed of microprocessors has increased dramatically. Hard drives that once held 40 megabytes now hold gigabytes. The products of the electronics industry are transforming the way we live, work, learn and play. However, despite its promise, high-tech development also …

Business Traveling: The Tips You Need

No comments February 3rd, 2015

btEvery business traveler has a disaster story. Mine occurred on my very first business trip, when I installed a password-protection program during the plane ride. Securing my laptop seemed like a good idea at the time. But the next morning …